Worldwide Consumer Movement Call For Better Digital World

13/04/2017 16:10

13th March, 2017

Worldwide Consumer Movement Call For Better Digital World

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry has evolved greatly over the last half century and has become an increasingly large part of household budgets. Over the past several years, experts and policymakers around the globe have expressed increasing concerns about protecting ICT systems. Cyberspace today is part of the daily life of people, industry, educational institutions and governments all over the world.

The World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) takes place every year to highlight consumer rights issues and bring together the global consumer movement to make lasting changes to people around the world.

This year, the WCRD campaign is on the theme “Building a Digital World Consumers Can Trust”. Consumers International (CI) has focused on this theme in order to urge stakeholders to protect and empower consumers in building trust when using digital technology. The day is aiming to create a Better Digital World by promoting better digital access and choice, online security, clear and informed choices, and online redress.

As part of the campaign, the Consumer Council of Fiji has taken the initiative to raise awareness of the Fijian consumers as to how they can deal with the digital issues if confronted in the marketplace. The Council will be celebrating WCRD 2017 focusing on the issue of “Online Security”.

The advent of digital technology and the internet have changed consumers’ lives dramatically. The speed in which this has occurred has meant in some areas changes in the digital marketplace are outpacing consumer protection. There is evidence people are worried about many aspects of what is happening when they go online.

Consumers are concerned about how secure their data is. Individuals are interested to know what is happening to their data online and how companies use their information that are provided by them online.

We need to comprehend how to improve the quality of services, which online services can we trust, what happens to the data consumers share online and what consumers’ rights are in relation to digital products.

Institutions are challenged to adapt their governance and organizational design both rapidly and effectively, or face risks to their long-term sustainability as stakeholder trust levels erode.Page 2 of 2The Council encourages the relevant institutions to introduce laws, policies and guidelines to dealwith issues surrounding online security. This is what it seeks to achieve in this year’s WCRD forumon 15th March 2017.