“Undelivered Valentine Flowers”

13/04/2017 16:07

“Undelivered Valentine Flowers”

The Consumer Council of Fiji is issuing a warning to all customers of Grace Florist in DamodarCity to check that flowers that was paid for and supposed to be delivered on Valentine’s Day wereactually delivered as agreed.

The is after the Council has received 2 complaints against Grace Florist for not supplying flowersto paid customers during Valentine’s Day 14th February 2017.

When contacted Grace Florist said that due to delay in supply of flowers from their suppliers,certain orders were not met. However payment was received by Grace Florist therefore the Council has further inquired about the total number of orders that were not met, yet payment received and if customers were notified on the same day that their orders will not be met and if any compensation was embarked upon.

Unfortunately, the letter remains unanswered. It is for this reason the Council is informing consumers to either lodge their complaints with the Council.

While we understand that this Company may have faced supply issue but the question remains begging as to why Grace Florist did not inform the consumers who paid the money in advance forthis service.

It was established that a complainant after a week found that the flowers were not delivered to hiswife which was meant to be a surprise. In another case a consumer based abroad had transferredmoney to this company to get the flowers delivered to his sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Again,the company failed to notify the consumer. He accidently discovered that the flowers were not delivered.

The Council is of the opinion that due to the high emotion that is attached to these gifts onValentine’s Day, the onus is on such enterprises as Grace Florist to have the curtesy to call its customers, if it is unable to deliver as promised. This is so that the person concerned can make alternative arrangements. Many relationships have been formed and many more lost simply by thedelivery or lack thereof of these gifts on that particular date and Grace Florist should know this.

The Council is now calling on past customers of this Flower shop to check that what they had paid for was actually delivered and if that was not the case, to call the Council on free line 155.