Consumer Protection Agencies

There are a number of consumer protection agencies established to assist you with your consumer needs.  This section is designed to help you understand the roles and legislative (legal) powers of the consumer protection agencies in Fiji. 

In totality there are 6 important agencies. These are:-

1) Fiji Commerce Commission
The Commission recognizes that the best deals for consumers are derived when there is healthy competition in the market. As an independent statutory body, the Commission seeks to protect consumers and businesses from restrictive and unfair trade practices through but not limited to:

a)      Investigation of complaints regarding deceptive practices such as misuse of market power, collusion and price fixing, collective tendering and bid rigging, blatant and systematic disregard for fair trade practices and non-compliance.

b)      If sought, advise and assist consumers and businesses on matters affecting or likely to affect their interests whether in a negotiation or the acquisition of goods or services.

Address: Level 1, Garden City Complex, Carpenter Street, Raiwaqa, P.O. Box 5031, Raiwaqa Ph: (679) 3372 178 Fax: (679) 3372 389.

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2) Ministry of Industry and Trade
The Ministry comprises of 2 sections, i.e. the Department of Weights & Measures and the Trade Standards & Quality Control Office. The overall responsibility of the Ministry is to formulate and implement policies and strategies to promote consumer protection and fair trading in the domestic market.

Address: Naibati House, 9 Goodenough Street, Suva, P.O. Box 2118, Government Buildings, Suva. Ph: (679) 3305 411. Fax: (679) 3302 617

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3) The Food Unit (Ministry of Health)
The Unit identifies the existing problems in the area of food safety, security and actually monitors the quality of foods available in Fiji. The Unit actually goes out looking at the physical qualities and properties of the canned foods, frozen foods and processed foods, to ensure there is expiry dates and the percentages of the ingredients used particularly the percentages of fat, protein, oil and the rest of the items is listed for consumer preference.

Address: Level 4, Namosi House, Amy Street, Toorak, P.O. Box 2223, Government Buildings, Suva. Ph: (679) 3221 453. Fax: (679) 3221 434

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4) Small Claims Tribunal (SCT)
The SCT is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism in Fiji which was established to address the problem of small claims relating to small "amounts of money" and poor services. The Tribunal basically deals with civil disputes of less than F$5,000 in value and gives claimants the option of pressing their claims without instituting proceedings in a magistrates' court. The primary function of the Tribunal is to attempt to bring the parties to a dispute to an agreed settlement.  

Address: 1st Floor, Fiji Football Association (FFA) Building, Gladstone Road, Suva (Opp. Albert Park)P.O. Box 2215, Government Buildings, Suva. Ph: (679) 3211 304 Fax: (679) 3315 061. 

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5) Real Estate Licensing Board (REALB)
The REALB takes disciplinary action to cancel or suspend licenses of agents who charge unreasonable commissions and in collusion with other professionals such as valuers and lenders, inflate prices of properties. The Board ensures that the Real Estate Agents Act provides strong consumer protection by stamping out undesirable practices by real estate agents and will also ensure that only those persons and companies that can offer acceptable levels of professional expertise, standards of services and integrity are allowed to operate in the industry.

Address: Suite 3, 1st Floor, Narseys Building, 98-100 Renwick Road, Suva, P.O. Box 2118 Government Buildings, Suva. Ph: (679) 3300 354/3300 35. Fax: (679) 3300 362.

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6) Pharmacy & Poisons Board (PPB)
The PPB is the drug regulatory authority of the Ministry of Health. The Board strives to promote and improve the safe use of quality medicines in Fiji and ensures that only those medicines that are certified safe, efficacious with acceptable quality are produced, procured, stored, administered or dispensed by qualified personnel and taken by the citizens. This will in turn contribute to the maintenance of a healthy nation.

Address: Jerusalem Road, Vatuwaqa, P.O. Box 2223 Government Buildings, Suva. Ph: (679) 3388 000. Fax: (679) 3388 003.

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7) Land Transport Authority (LTA)

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