Mother’s Day Specials

12/04/2016 10:35

It’s that time of the year again when mothers, grandmothers and wives will be showered with gifts, from their children and husbands to express their love and gratitude.

Like any other festival, Mother’s Day is a day of celebration for families with their mother, and a time to reflect on the importance of mothers in their lives. It is also a day to specially thank mothers who are the home makers.

All our towns and cities are abuzz with sale slogans, crazy deals such as zero dollar deposit, discounts and giveaways as this special day is almost incomplete if gifts and cards are not given to mothers.

Many will be opting to keep the tradition going by gifting their mums, grandmothers and aunties with electronic goods, kitchenware, furniture, clothes, cosmetics, jewellery,  bags and shoes.

And, with the present technological revolution, some children are also opting to buy their mums mobile phones in particular smartphones, tablets and other electronic gadgets.

In such excitement, some consumers fail to exercise vigilance and end up buying items which are faulty, not fit for the purpose and are out-dated or from an old stock which some unscrupulous traders try to get rid ofduring such sales. Consumers must also be careful when buying food items and beverages which would be selling at a reduced price in the build-up to the Mother’s Day sale as they may be  nearing expiry date.

Consumers are advised to become price-conscious and be wary of what they are buying; consumers must look out for whether the goods are of satisfactory quality or are  receiving goods or services which do not match the advertiser’s description.

Look out for advertisements that seem too good to be true. Ask the right questions and as many as you can about an advertised deal or promotion. Make a habit of properly inspecting the goods before buying. Terms such as “rushing or no time to check” can no longer be used for not exercising consumer responsibility.

Past experiences recorded with the Council shows that some consumers enthusiastically purchase household items under the zero dollar deals and within a short time, realise they cannot cope with the payments thus surrender the items with the hire purchase company. Little do they know that they still need to clear their accounts even if they had surrendered the items.Indulge in comparative shopping to get the best deals in town especially during the sale.

Remember, the true essence of the Mother’s Day celebrations is to thank her by showing love to herevery day. It does not have to be in form of expensive gifts but through gestures of love.

The consumers can also opt to do something out of the ordinary to thank their mothers -  just make your mother feel important on the day by  preparing your mum her favourite breakfast or lunch or dinner or treat her like a queen. Simply free her from household chores on that day.

Why not bake a cake for her instead of buying a cake. Take her on a movie date or compile her  favourite music and gift it to her.Instead of buying a card, you can make a card at home or plan  a picnic for her and the family.

The best gift for your mother would be simply taking time out from your busy schedule and spending quality time with her. Moments spent with your mother are priceless and that’s the best gift you can give your mum this Mother’s Day!


• Budget and spend wisely;

• Exercise your consumer right to seek information on your purchase;

• Examine products carefully before purchasing;

• Scrutinize services carefully before using;

• Do comparison shopping on products, services offered and their prices;

• Collect receipts for every purchase or service rendered.

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