21/04/2016 08:46:19 Useful tips for Businesses this Christmas

With just few days remaining before Christmas, consumers will once again be seen flocking stores, making the most of specials, promotions and bargains being provided by traders.

21/04/2016 08:42:59 Snack Attack – Time to start packing healthy lunchboxes!

Our supermarket shelves are full of easy, convenience snacks that you can pop in your child’s lunchbox.

21/04/2016 08:40:48 Reading Food labels

How many consumers read labels on the food products they buy? Perhaps, not all consumers do that.

21/04/2016 08:37:28 Managing Your Fuel Cost

While, owning a vehicle brings comfort and convince to a household, keeping it up and running cost is not cheap – you have to pay for fuel.

21/04/2016 08:33:59 Know your Lay-By Rights!

We don’t always have enough cash in our pockets yet we become impulsive buyers. So what we do?

21/04/2016 08:30:37 Hibiscus- time to enjoy and not to burst budgets!

The mother of all festivals (Hibiscus) is approaching and consumers will once again be seen flocking to the Albert Park grounds for some family fun time.

21/04/2016 08:27:25 Knock! Knock! - Who’s there?

Door to door sale is not new to us. You may have come across a sales-agent knocking at your doorsteps, trying to sell a mobile phone, cleaning agent or service plan.

21/04/2016 08:21:12 Choosing eating place that suit your budget and health

Home-cooked meal is always the best where you have complete control over the quality of ingredients and the degree of cleanliness that goes with the preparation of the meal.

20/04/2016 10:08:16 Buy the right shoes!

Shoes are much more than a protective wrapping for the feet. It is crucial that shoes are of the correct design, not just to accommodate our feet comfortably but for the activity that you intend to do- which can be for sports, workplace, dinners, shopping, for gardening or strolling.

20/04/2016 10:04:36 Buy Fireworks with Caution

Diwali is just two days away and consumers will be flocking towns and cities to do their last minute shopping for fireworks.

20/04/2016 10:01:20 Be a Smart Gold-shopper

It’s that time of the year when a number of consumers will be investing in gold jewellery to mark Labh Pancham, an auspicious day in the Hindu calendar, celebrated for prosperity.

20/04/2016 09:53:52 Go brighter with LED lightbulbs

As we battle with our daily lives, working hard to put bread and butter on the table– keeping our homes lit is sometimes a challenge, given the hefty electricity bills we pay.