Feature Articles 2017

11/03/2017 11:55:11 Online Security: Consumer Rights and Responsibility

Today, in this globalized and interconnected world, we need to work together to protect our Digital Rights. While some sectors, such as finance, have tightened up security, many are not implementing basic measures, and there is often low awareness among consumers about how to secure a device or keep information safe.

04/03/2017 12:10:12 Building a Digital World Consumers Can Trust

On 15th March, Consumer Council of Fiji will be celebrating World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD). This will be part of a global campaign to build a better Digital World that promotes access, participation and innovation that is good for consumers, the economy and society.

23/02/2017 12:22:50 Buying or Building Your First Home

Buying a plot of land and building a house on it is a dream for many of us. While the Housing Authority of Fiji is mandated to provide affordable housing for the working class in Fiji, the demand far exceeds supply by as much as 4 times. This leads to home and land buyers searching outside and ending up with private developers who are more likely to charge very high prices.

17/02/2017 12:25:42 Electricity Subsidy

Electricity is an essential energy source that plays a critical role in growth and development of Fiji. It is one of the greatest technological innovations of mankind. Electricity has become an integral part of our homes & businesses. One cannot imagine life without power.

16/02/2017 12:30:26 Stop the Crash

Safety features in new cars should be universal. This simple measure would save thousands of lives every year.

24/01/2017 21:42:26 Counterfeit Trade

The spread of counterfeit products has increased globally in recent years. Counterfeiting is everywhere - it can affect what we eat, what we watch, what medicines we take and what we wear. Counterfeiting and piracy is also seen in Fiji whether its electronic goods, spare parts, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, alcohol, chemicals, bags, movies or music.

09/01/2017 12:45:00 Landlord and Tenancy: A Concern That Needs Immediate Attention

Over the years the State has focused on improving the socio-economic status of all Fijians. This is especially true for those on the margins of our society, so as to ensure that all consumers have access to affordable and quality housing.