Feature Articles 2015

14/04/2015 12:52:52 Fee and the Release of impounded vehicle

Getting the impounded vehicle released and receiving them accident free is such relief.

14/04/2015 12:51:12 Valentine’s Day Spending: Cost of Romance

14 February is a day set aside to celebrate love and romance by thousandsof people in Fiji. This is the day of the year when millions around the globe find a way to show their loved ones that they care.

14/04/2015 12:50:23 Keeping the Towed Vehicles Safe - Part V

Getting your vehicle towed away is nothing less than a nightmare. But, what is more daunting is the fear of finding your vehicle with a noticeable dent, scratches and broken headlights or valuables missing after it is released by the towing company/operator.

14/04/2015 12:48:43 Conduct of Towing Operators - Part IV

Like any other services or profession, a set of rules outlining the conduct of the towing companies/operators are necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of those using the towing services?

14/04/2015 12:46:36 Information Display and Disclosure where Vehicles are Subject to Towing- Part III

Life today is a never-ending juggle of work– everyone is in a rush to make it on time to work, to lecture, to the bank or to see a doctor or simply to buy their groceries.

14/04/2015 12:43:19 Guideline on Towing Services in Fiji- Part II

Fiji Commerce Commission’s Self Regulating Guideline on Towing Services in Fiji comes as a relief to many as it intends to assist not just the consumers but also set rules for the towing operators and other authorising agencies such as Municipal Councils, Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Police. These agencies have powers under their legislation to tow vehicles from restricted parking areas, from accident sites and from road for not meeting standard requirements.

14/04/2015 12:30:57 Vehicle Towing Services – Part I

Have you ever had your vehicle towed away?

28/03/2015 14:58:17 Be a conscious consumer!

As the long Easter weekend nears, our towns and cities are once again abuzz with loud music, colourful poster advertisements, grand sale stickers, discounts, give-aways, promotions and fresh deals, building on the momentum already set by, ‘Mad March’ crazy sale.

Be Prudent, this Diwali

The festive spirit is in the air. It is that time of the year once again when towns and cities will be bustling. Shoppers are moving around to check the specials, discounts and promotions, which are on offer. Everyone has been waiting impatiently to enjoy the celebration of the Festival of Lights - Diwali.