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14/04/2014 15:30:52 Know the measuring instruments

You all may have used weighing scales in supermarkets or municipal markets but how many of us actually know how these measuring instruments work.

14/04/2014 15:29:51 Product shrinkage - It's not your imagination!

As price-conscious consumers, we aim to maximize the value of whatever products we're buying. It is indeed hard to imagine that a bar soap or washing soda you use daily actually loses weight while lying on the shelves in supermarkets.

14/04/2014 15:28:37 Shrinking Products

Did you know that items such as garlic, potatoes, onions, soap and other perishable goods can actually dry out and lose weight (shrink) while sitting in the supermarkets and grocery store shelves?

14/04/2014 15:27:38 Dont be fooled by Pictures!

‘Value for money’, is a cliché for some consumers. For many who spend their hard earned cash to make a living always want to get the best services or products in return for their money.

14/04/2014 15:26:07 Wedding Mishaps

Wedding is one such occasion which must leave lasting picture-perfect memory. Most families don’t mind spending money to capture this beautiful moment on camera.

14/04/2014 15:25:05 Restaurant Hygiene

Home-cooked meal is everyone’s choice. Unfortunately, with our fast-paced life style, not all of us are able to cope with the preparation of lunch or dinner for our loved ones. We have little choice but to eat out, be it school canteens, the small hideaway eateries, or big food courts located near our workplace.

14/04/2014 15:23:29 Double dipping at the hands of a Rental Car Operator

Have you ever hired a rental car and got into an accident leaving you with a huge bill? Certainly, it is an unpleasant experience especially when you are holidaying inFiji. What is more awful is when you have not caused the accident but are made to pay for it,especially without your knowledge or consent. for more

14/04/2014 15:21:46 Why pawnbrokers?

We ran a quick survey with some consumers picked on a random basis and asked them why they preferred going to pawnbrokers for hard cash instead of opting for other creditors such as money lenders or banks.

14/04/2014 15:20:42 ‘Overhaul Pawn-broking law’

Pawn-broking is as old as the history. Once, only poor visited the pawnbrokers. Today, people who are stuck in a credit crunch visit pawnbrokers to get instant cash.

14/04/2014 15:19:45 Dealing with Pawnbrokers

There are pawnbrokers who prey on people who face tough times, and offer a pittance for pawned items. Pawnbrokers use unfair contract terms such as printing disclaimers, terms and conditions on their receipts that limit consumer’s rights to redress. For instance, one disclaimer read as: “No responsibility is taken if the article is lost, destroyed or damaged …”

14/04/2014 15:17:48 Irresponsible Lending

It was now almost two months that Ronal had been waiting for the settlement. In the midst of this uncertainty, Timothy decided not to buy the car from Ronal, at all.

14/04/2014 15:16:44 Justice of the Peace found to be not so exemplary

Be aware that Fiji’s JPs are governed by a Code of Conduct, which is found in the Handbook for Justices of the Peace compiled by the Ministry of Justice. The appointment of any JP is made subject to the Code of Conduct, which establishes acceptable standards of conduct for JPs.


Keeping consumer protection at the heart of its advocacy work, the Consumer watchdog is now embarking on setting up a Community Consumer Advisory Group (CCAG). The creation of this advisory group confirms the Council’s commitment to protect consumers residing in remote parts of Fiji, and to serve them better.

14/04/2014 15:14:25 Options to deal with Financial Problems

A bigger blow is when you have a hefty loan to repay. Be it personal loan, home loan or car loan repayment, when facing financial hardship, it becomes impossible to cope with the payments together with the day to day expenses.

14/04/2014 15:13:37 Bitter Truth about Sugar

Did you know that the rate of consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) have doubled in the country over the last decade or so (1997-2007) with intake likely highest in adolescents.?

14/04/2014 15:12:38 Fading Receipts – a Concern for Council

For goods/service above $10, it is mandatory for retailers or service providers to issue receipts to consumers. If they don't, ask for one. You also have the right to request a receipt for anything under $10. Even businesses require receipts to last long to prepare their accounts and for auditing purposes. If these documents fade away then there is no form of evidence, for instance to claim VAT etc.

14/04/2014 15:11:52 Are you keeping a tab on your money?

The Council advices consumers to keep track of deductions made from their pay accounts for their personal loans and/or home loans. If consumers do not exercise consumer responsibility, they may end up paying more than what they are expected to- as was the case with Jonetani.

14/04/2014 15:10:40 How Yellow is Your Gold Jewellery ?

With varying gold jewellery available in the market, not every consumer is easily able to ascertain which one is the real thing. Consumers, for whom gold may not be a frequent shopping item, often rely on traders/salespersons to provide correct information.

14/04/2014 15:09:46 Buy the best Diamond

Unfortunately, not everyone has the know-how to choose the best diamond in town. Sadly, not all the diamond-stores have the expertise to guide the consumers on the quality or type of diamond they are selling.

14/04/2014 15:08:15 Is it a Real Deal?

Be it any occasion, right from window-shopping to identifying to choosing and paying for that piece of jewellery you have spotted is an art; don’t rely on your eyes – go beyond what you see and find out more on what you are buying and is it worth the money you are paying.

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