Feature Articles 2013

14/04/2013 14:46:14 Consumers deserve better shipping services

Festive season is one time when most people long to be in the company of their loved ones and for Christmas and New Year it is a must. Thus, in that festive spirit, people travel long distances to make it to their families in time for the celebrations – but, unfortunately, not all make it on time, especially, those travelling on inter-island ships to Maritime Provinces.

14/04/2013 14:45:11 ZERO $ Deal - a myth for many consumers

Festive season is indeed a time for presents and wishes to come true. While, not everyone gets to bump into Santa for gifts, there are special deals, discounts and giveaways available to choose from at popular stores to materialize their dreams, for instance of owning their favorite washing machine, fridge, TV set or gas cooker.

14/04/2013 14:44:15 Trader Responsibility, this Christmas!

Steamy-sale deals, promotions and discounts – this is what many consumers look forward to when it comes to the festive season. Not just the consumers but the businesses also share the festive spirit as this is one of the busiest times for them; they know that consumers love bargains and special discounts so they have much to plan.

14/04/2013 14:42:42 Keep Within Your Budget

We are now in the festive season - that time of the year when families are planning celebrations to mark Christmas and to welcome the new year. The trend during such festivity is that many of us will end up getting carried away and spending more than we can afford, leaving a hole in our pockets.

14/04/2013 14:41:30 Christmas is here!

Christmas season is the happiest time for many but can be the busiest and stressful time of the year for many consumers who are looking for bargains to buy groceries, electronic goods, house decorations and gifts for their friends and families, within their budget.

14/04/2013 14:40:19 Second Hand Vehicle Repossession

Some second hand dealers have used muscle power or mafia-style tactic to repossess the very vehicles they sell. Thus, the buyer ends up losing not only the vehicle but his money as well.

14/04/2013 14:39:26 Faults, Defects and Frustrations

Buying a second-hand vehicle can be risky – as you may not just suffer financial losses but your safety can be at risk as well.

14/04/2013 14:37:59 Second Hand Vehicle Dealers under spot light

The second hand vehicle buyers in the past and today continue to face problems, complicated and complex in nature, with regard to sale, services and promises made by second hand dealers. This is sharply reflected in the complaints received by the Council over the years.