Consumer Council of Fiji Strategic Plan 2015-2018

The Council's Strategic Plan 2015-2018 sets out what the Council will be doing over the three year period from January 2015, and how the Council intends to get there. The Plan outlines our vision, mission, values, operating principles, objectives and implementation strategies for 2015-2018. It provides the direction for a more detailed annual work programme, which will clearly identify how we will measure our performance against key result areas. It gives the direction for management decisions and priorities for all levels of the Council's work, and provides a basis for measuring and reviewing the individual staff and overall performance of the Council.

Given the Council's mandate stated in the Consumer Council of Fiji Act-1976, the Council's strategies, activities and performance indicators have been reviewed to accommodate consumer complaints, research conducted by the Council, the recommendation mentioned in the FIAS Report and the emerging issues identified by the Consumers International. Read more>>