Consumer Council of Fiji OfficeThe Consumer Council of Fiji (CCoF) is an independant statutory body established under the Consumer Council of Fiji Act -1976 (Cap 235). The Council, as a watchdog protects the rights and interests of consumers by promoting a fair and just delivery of goods and services. First and foremost the Consumer Council is an advocacy organisation, conducting rigorous research and policy analysis on key consumer issues. CCoF’s insight into consumer need is a powerful tool for influencing decision-makers to bring about change. The Council protects the vulnerable groups such as rural poor, physically and mentally challenged, children and women by identifying and articulating the policy issues that are of importance to the consumers. Picture on Left : Consumer Council of Fiji , Suva office at 4 Carnavon Street, Suva.


Our Vision

 To build a conscious and assertive consumer movement in Fiji.

Our Mission

 Making the consumer voice heard and making it count.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction  

>Effective and quality services to our consumers at all times; and

>Responsive to consumer complaints and queries with utmost respect and human dignity.

 Professional Excellence  

>Teamwork, cooperation and self-discipline;

>Open and honest communication;

>Value new ideas and seek ways of doing things better;

>Apply enthusiasm and compassion towards work;

>Maintain high standards of ethical conduct;

>Being competent, accountable, transparent and responsible; and

>Value and enhance the cooperation and goodwill of counterpart organizations in government, non-government organizations, civil society and external partners.

 Employee Satisfaction  

>Reliable, rewarding and challenging environment for Council employees and;

>Equal opportunity for employees to utilize their full potential for quality performance and excellence.

Our Principles

>Campaign constantly and fearlessly to change the policies and practices that adversely affect consumer interests;

>Maintain a highly disciplined results-oriented focus on maximizing impact for consumers;

>Maintain neutrality in solving consumer complaints; and

>Carry out a strong financial management and sound operating procedures.

Functions of the Council

Section 6 of the Consumer Council of Fiji Act stipulates the functions of the Council.The Council is required to do such acts and things it considers necessary or expedient to ensure that the interests of the consumers of goods and services are promoted and protected.

These functions include:   

 >Advising the Minister on such matters affecting the interests of the consumers;

>Making representations to the Government or any other person/organizations on any interest of consumers;

>Collecting, collating and disseminating information in respect of matters affecting the interest of consumers;

>Supporting or maintaining legal proceedings initiated by a consumer,where such support is deemed necessary;

>Conducting research and investigations into matters affecting consumers;

>Advising and assisting consumers on matters affecting their interests;

>Co-operating with any person, association or organisation outside Fiji having similar functions and becoming a member of or affiliate to any international organization concerned with consumer matters; and

>Soliciting and accepting for the purposes of the Council any money, land, or other property from the Govenment, any local authority, public body, organisation, any person by way of grant, subsidy, donation, gift, or otherwise.

Services of the Council

1. Campaigns, Information & Media Division

To empower consumers with knowledge and information to bring about reforms in policy and practice that adversely affect consumer interests.

2. Alternative Dispute Resolution & Consumer Advisory Division

To assist consumers in resolving complaints through alternative dispute resolution,advisory services and legal representation.

3. Research & Policy Analysis Division

To identify and undertake broad-based and complaints driven research on key consumer protection legislations that promote and protect consumer interests through necessary policy changes.